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Provenance:: Anton Berger(1870-1956), Modling, Austria
56 gram individual with original Berger label.

Artist conception of the fall of the Pultusk Meteorite

At 7 pm near the town of Pultusk, thousands of people witnessed a large fireball followed by detonations and a very large shower of small fragments in an area of about 127 sq km.
The Pultusk meteorite is one of the largest stony meteorite showers recorded in history.
Pultusk is a historical meteorite fall because it was the largest known meteorite shower on record. An estimated 2000kg fell a few miles north of Warsaw, Poland. Many of the stones were very small and a single stone from the fall is often referred to as a "Pultusk pea." According to Norton (1998), the meteoroid became visible at an altitude of almost 200 miles, which also makes it the highest fireball on record seen by the naked eye! The point at which the meteoroid ceased to generate light was about 25 miles.  This resulted in an unusually wide fall path and meteorite fragments resembling Pultusk were found in Madagascar, Italy and Russia.